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Wearing Chairs While Sitting On Pants

Both furniture and clothing mediate the body in its environment, albeit through different levels of intimacy and mobility. In his current project, Wearing Chairs While Sitting On Pants, Kim questions the constraints of these assumptions by exploring the seam between the categories of furniture and clothing, with the intention of deliberately activating a new object category in that between-space.

Fuelled by his passion for clothing and eagerness to make furniture-like clothing, this collection is a platform of experimentation.

By synthesising existing forms, functions and materials from both sides of the furniture/clothing divide, these objects become questions, rather than statements.

How does engaging with an object like these ones activate the participant’s imagination? Are new words, functions or aesthetic values generated? And more expansively, how might the blurring or recasting of this boundary suggest the productive rethinking of other object categories? With these liminal pieces, Hansol Kim aims to provoke viewers to (re)consider their current views on how clothing and furniture function in relation to their own bodies, space, and lives.

Hansol Kim was born in 1988 in Seoul. He lives and works in Eindhoven.


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