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Thanks to blockchain techniques, the participants in this group show bypass the usual art-world ‘gatekeepers’. In this way, they can express who they are, what they make and how they present their work in an unprecedented way. Piccardo sees enormous potential in the community spirit that NFT technology enables: mutual connection and artistic exchange beyond the confines of gallery walls or national borders.

Using an app that they can download, visitors can bring the Crypto Bending artworks to life on their smartphone screens. The profiles of all the artists involved are also just a scroll away. The technology gives artists all the space they need to flourish according to their own wishes and insights.

Leonel Piccardo

The exhibition is curated by Afro-Surrealist artist Leonel Piccardo, also known as GlitchOfMind. Since moving into the NFT and art worlds in early 2021, Piccardo has shown his work across a variety of platforms and exhibitions, encouraging global communities to thrive using this new tool.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Maud Vervenne