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This exhibition model starts as a cartographic attempt to find the middle ground between the introduced pandemic measures and a desire to extend ways of functioning within cultural institutions. High and low density dynamics in the use of space create disparities and places of concentration, which are problematic in the contemporary perception of space. Dammer divides the space into a common ground, defining areas of circulation where measures become the rules of a game. It is a world where the game is reality, and reality is a game. Enter the world of draughts, where a checkerboard is a new operator of collectivity, where your everyday experience of public space becomes a spatial and visual adventure.

The exhibition leads visitors along the existing concrete and metal corridor of 3.2 x 24.4 meters. They are invited to play the game of international draughts based on its simple rules. The existing grid of the floor, supporting the form of the checkerboard, is enhanced by light compositions. The division of space is marked with reflective material, marking the areas out of use, and at the same time inviting visitors to reflect upon their own movements in the space.

md-2 architects

Architecture studio md-2 architects was founded by Mahaut Dael and Michał Długajczyk and has been based in Rotterdam since October 2019. The practice describes the material and non-material layering of urban and architectural spaces, using them as a departure point for spatial and architectural design. The duo represents a multinational melting pot of traditions and cultures that operates within a wide frame of references for the discovery of site-specifc character, as a counterpose to obsolescence within the built environment, as well as aiming at augmenting its existing values.

Zalán Szakács

Zalán Szakács (Rotterdam) is a post-digital artist, designer, audiovisual performer and researcher who explores media theories through the use of light, space and sound. His conceptual approach is translated into interactive and immersive environments, creating atmospheres that challenge human perception.

Activities in the gallery

7 October

Opening with a dance improvisation by Noah Oost, Lara Szymanski, Giulia Finardi and Mariano Carluccio from Codarts

8-10 October

Picture gallery by photographer Riccardo de Vecchi.

14 October

Poetry and music performance by Luka Prelas and Tihomir Babic.

15-17 October

Fashion exhibition by fashion designer Louise Dael.

21 October

Discussion panel with Siep Buurke (Koninklijk Nederlandse Dambond) and wayfnding designer Jaap Knevel.

19-23 October

Art installation by Cindy Bakker.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Temporary entrance at 40 Rochussenstraat


Tuesday - Sunday
10:00 - 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
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