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As adults, do we still know how to play?
Do we even dare to play? 

Play is a free, non results-oriented activity. Play is about improvising and imagining, using the materials you have around you. It seems so easy, yet we do it far too little.

With the project De Huttenbouwers, Pepelsenkrepels invites us to play by creating a living-room hut, just like the ones you made as a child. Last year, Myrthe and Nadia turned several houses inside out and prodded, provoked and challenged people. Some people just need a little push, others encouragement. Can people indulge in play? Huts in bathrooms, under the kitchen table, on the stairs and in the window. Intimate, spiky, inviting, secret, rebellious, safe, or aesthetic huts. Everyone has their own hut,  a place that suits them and answers their needs. While playing, a place comes into existence - the result is secondary to the process. What sort of world is created? A world in which you can escape from capitalism, or a world for the friendship between human and dog.

Different huts make different worlds, created with simple materials such as sheets, clothes pegs and drying racks. All hut builders strive for the moment they can completely immerse themselves in the game, disappear in the hut and forget the world outside.

Pepelsenkrepels was born out of the need to play. With few materials, they create environments in which they can move freely. By changing their shape, they create the freedom to experiment. They use the pop-up exhibition in Gallery 3 as a performance of play. What is needed for this play?

Take off your shoes, put on a head-lamp and crawl into the world of the living-room huts. Be amazed by the imaginative creations of the hut builders and their stories. You will also be challenged to shape-shift yourself!

When we play, what do we encounter? Do we really dare to get lost in our own homemade game?

About Pepelsenkrepels

Pepelsenkrepels (Myrthe Krepel and Nadia Pepels) is a performance and visual art duo. They call themselves professional players. While improvising, they create imaginative worlds together.


Gallery 3
Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Maud Vervenne