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NXTHING World happily presents and invites you to the official opening of the art exhibition DISRUPT_. Join us for a VIP introduction by curator GlitchOfMind (Leonel Piccardo) at the The Podium and follow them in a guided tour of the exhibition.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) quickly became a force to be reckoned with, and expanded - to an unprecedented extent - the ability for creatives from any background or geographical location to monetise their creativity. As the NFT space matures culturally, diversity starts flourishing, allowing queer creatives to empower each other and to reclaim their cultural contributions to the global art scene.

Featuring contributions by artists Aias Kokkalis, Aoife, Brian Vu, Cyshimi, Chewy Stoll, FatBaby, FoodMasku, GlitchofMind, IX_Shells, Jason Ebeyer, Laurel Charleston, Malaguts, Mikael Owunna, Renderfruit, Sam J, Tyler Givens, Umut Sezer Koc, Will’s Planet, Yin., Yosnier, and YuYu.

DISRUPT_ shakes the limited perception of queerness and creates a space where there’s no confining of the artist’s identity and self-expression. Going against practices of queer erasure that have been normalised by art institutions and gatekeepers, the exhibition celebrates inspiring artists who redefine the boundaries of their creativity by disrupting societal norms and rules. Through bridging Web3 (blockchain) technologies with physical art, DISRUPT_ breaks down the barriers to what was previously reserved only for certain elite individuals.


"‘DISRUPT_’ celebrates 22 inspiring NFT queer creators whose work redefines the boundaries of their creativity by disrupting societal norms and rules. Art representing queer experiences can be traced throughout human history from Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, Peru, India, Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the medieval, Renaissance, and early modern periods. Nonetheless, the main perception of ‘queer art’ today, seems to only account for the past 50 years and it mainly focuses on movements that took place in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Limiting the understanding of queer art too closely within the contexts of Euramerican socio-political events of the 20th century, excludes the varied practices of LGBTQI+ individuals beyond those geographic borders, as well as various conceptions of queerness across cultures. ‘DISRUPT’ shakes the limited perception of queerness and creates a space where there’s no confining of the artist’s identity and self expression."

Curated by

GlitchOfMind (a.k.a. Leonel Piccardo) is a Photographer and 3D Afrosurrealist artist from the Dominican Republic based in the Netherlands. Glitch creates artworks that focus on themes of self-exploration using his identity & experiences as a catalyst for his imaginary worlds. His work is created by compositing his photographs, 3D, and animation. His work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, STRATOSPHERE Beijing 2021, Bringing Worlds in LA, USA 2021, Sonsbeek x The BlackArchives 2021, OBA Amsterdam Zwarte Beweging, and others.

YUYU is a photographer and digital collage artist originally from Taiwan. His work is a hybrid form of art and photography, building unexpected and provocative bridges between styles, media, and eras. It appropriates western cultural history and embraces individuality in its most diverse form. It expands the stereotypical definition of art and redefines beauty through the prism of modernity. Through his curatorial endeavors, Yuyu aims to offer a better understanding of the possibilities Web3 and blockchain technology provides to creators and institutions.

Sixela - alias for Alex Aravantinos - is a curator and creative director with a master’s degree in Fine Arts and a 10 year-long experience in supporting grassroots creative initiatives. Based in Berlin, he has been indulging in the NFT landscape since March 2021. Through his work, he explores the merging of culture and technological innovation while aiming to expand the limits and perception of contemporary art through his curatorial services.

13:00 – 14:30
English, Dutch

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Maud Vervenne