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NeeNee Collective: "Dreamers of the Playscape advances NeeNee Collective’s ongoing curatorial efforts to deconstruct boundaries through metaphysical landscapes. By focusing on the spirit of diasporic living, NeeNee Collective approached the show through their experiences as cross-cultural creatives, striving for an multi-faceted perspective exhibition that opens up space for new dialogues.

This edition of NeeNee Collective exhibition is curated by the initiating members: Dae Uk Kim, Kurina Sohn, and Soyoun Kim. NeeNee Collective invites three Dutch artists: Jonathan Vervoort, Joppe Venema, and Marijn Ottenhof to join them in producing new series of works that transcend binary ways of thinking.

The exhibition takes its curatorial inspiration from the exhibition Magiciens de la Terre. Held in Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou and Grande Halle de La Villette in 1989, this show aimed to overturn the existing framework of Western and non-Western, as well as civil and savage, dichotomies. Now, as part of this next generation of ‘dreamers’, NeeNee Collective explores the interaction between co-existing yet divided worlds, considering the kinds of values from today’s culture that can be incorporated into an exhibition design. The ‘playscape’ here represents the symbolic space where meaningful entanglement can potentially take place without prejudice or stereotypes.

Dreamers of the Playscape draws on the theme of inclusivity’s unifying and inspirational power to engage these six artists, their artworks and the visiting public in productive discussions. Over the last three months, the six artists have embarked on a series of exchanges and gathered feedback in order to embody notions of culture, non-human, gender, class/labour, digital and analogue, and site-specificity.

Dreamers of the Playscape invites visitors to experience a metamorphosed landscape in which a new generation of artists investigates ideas of diversity and inclusivity in their creative practice. By fostering local and global dialogues across mediums and thematic forms, these artists reclaim the site of the display through clever subversions and spatial reconfigurations of social hierarchies and divisions."

About NeeNee Collective

NeeNee Collective is a group of young Asian artists and designers living and working in the Netherlands. It was established in 2020. Its member’s work is infused with their own lived experiences navigating entangled cultural landscapes and they continue to engage with the intersection of form and meaning within their collective curatorial and creative practice.


Gallery 3
Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Maud Vervenne