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The work of five multidisciplinary artists and designers - Lili Lu, Bas Ruis, Ciro Miguel, Lorena Solis Bravo and Jaasir Linger - can be seen in Gallery 3 from 22 May to 4 July as part of Art Rotterdam. The five artists were selected by a jury following an open call for multidisciplinary practitioners.

During the weekend of Art Rotterdam, from 3 to 4 July, the artists and designers will give guided tours through their exhibition.

Lili Lu

Lili Lu’s el jardin de los espiritus (video, 2020) is a tribute to her grandmother Lolito. Through the appearance of ‘the white ghost’, she unravels the effects and behaviours of white privilege and racism. Lili Lu is a performance and multimedia artist based in Rotterdam. Her performance practice, in which she explores vulnerability and the ‘knowing body’ through spiritual and physical manifestations, is influenced by her training as an actress.

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Bas Ruis 

Artist Bas Ruis has a distinctively simple style. Ruis creates novel worlds that call on the viewer’s frame of reference through recognisable, archetypal objects (‘ready-mades’). In Gallery 3, several of his worlds combine in a new, overarching whole. For instance, he merges objects from his Idle series with office culture and creates contemporary designs using old bathroom tiles taken from his parents’ home. All this is tied together by a CEO who, during a performance, examines the hierarchy within the office world.

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Ciro Miguel

Ciro Miguel’s photo installation Human Nature: Pools, Lakes, Gardens and Forests explores two of architecture’s subordinate elements: swimming pools and gardens. Though initially seeming to be innocent and decorative, research shows that these embody architecture’s megalomaniac obsession with manipulating the environment and defining boundaries. Miguel is a Brazilian architect, artist and photographer whose work offers alternative narratives about the built environment. He is currently a Doctoral Fellow at the GTA Institute/ETH Zurich.

Lorena Solís Bravo

Lorena Solís Bravo is a Peruvian artist based in Amsterdam who works with performance, installation, text, sculpture and video. She researches using the body to explore the world through the senses, perception, and interactions between ‘human’ and ‘non-human’ entities.

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Jaasir Linger

Jaasir Linger is a multidisciplinary artist with Surinamese roots. His work explores Surinamese culture, history and spirituality. The installation We prefer not to talk about this! is a personal exploration of Linger’s cultural identity through the rediscovery and investigation of his enslaved ancestors’ religion: the Afro-Surinamese creed Winti.

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