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Disorientation happens when our senses slip off the atlas of common knowledge; it is also an invitation to know differently. Without a visual reference like a stable horizon, humans rely on the non-visual senses to re-ground themselves. It Enters Into What We Become (Centre for Disorientation), a new presentation of work by multidisciplinary design collective Morph.Love in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Gallery 3, is an invitation to lose ourselves inside a total environment. Eighteen members of the ever-evolving international group explore disorientation by creating a looping sequence of multisensory encounters. 

Arranged as five porous sections that build and double-back on each other to create an exploratory labyrinth, It Enters Into What We Become meditates on a cryptic healing process that never fully makes itself known. From an exploration of how algorithms alchemise emotional expressions into hard cash, to a chilly digital fire that bucks our sensory codex, and a trippy VR voyage through the body, the exhibition extends this sense of disorientation through a sequence of abstracted wellness rituals. 

It Enters Into What We Become rejects the linear-progressive spatial flow typical of exhibitions, instead choosing to end where it begins. Following the intense virtual yogic foray into a body grotto, viewers are shuttled through an express passage back to the entrance. Here, the supersensory ‘we’ built throughout the different rooms begins to slacken back into an ‘I’: viewers recover from their intense journey before re-entering the world. Conceived as a collaborative transformative process, Morph.Love’s latest presentation reframes disorientation as an eternal state of becoming. 

About, an international collective founded in 2018, brings together different artists and designers working in a wide range of disciplines. Its members, based in London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, follow their own practice while using the collaborative platform to explore various discipline crossovers and develop new exhibition formats. They question contemporary concerns by creating free, fictitious and ambiguous spaces. With object design, CGI animation, performance, sound design and virtual reality, their collaborative work creates total interactive sceneries. After having exhibited at Alcova (Milan, IT), Fey Castle (Burgundy, FR), K11 Art Foundation (Guangzhou, CH) and MK&G (Hamburg, DE) they are proud to have their first museum exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, a place they now call home.


Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Temporary entrance at 40 Rochussenstraat


Tuesday - Sunday
10:00 - 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Maud Vervenne