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We_are_vessels was born from a need for peer-to-peer contact between ceramic practitioners during the Covid-19 crisis. The goal of this project is to investigate the possibilities of a nomadic, international exhibition in which the exhibits - ceramic objects - can be manufactured on site using the ceramic 3D-printing technique. We_are_vessels reflects on 3D printing in clay as a 21st-century craft. In its current form, the collective has 18 members, representing nine different nationalities, who work across three continents. Through online meetings, they have explored the universal theme of the vessel and ceramic 3D-printing together. This Gallery 3 pop-up exhibition presents the project's collaborative preliminary research.

About We_are_vessels

Organisation: Samantha Thole & Nico Thöne
Curator: Bas Hendrikx
Visual design: Raoul Wilke/ Studio Turbo
Participants: Stéphanie Baechler (Switzerland), Lori Ballage (France/ Norway), Jin Cho (USA/ South Korea), Jelle Feringa (the Netherlands), Ron Geibel (USA), David Jones (United Kingdom), Erno Langenberg (the Netherlands), Pierluigi Pompei (Italy/ the Netherlands), Alison Safford (USA), Ting Ju Shao (Taiwan), Meekyoung Shin (South Korea/ United Kingdom), Tanja Smeets (the Netherlands), Samantha Thole (the Netherlands), Jonas Vansteenkiste (Belgium), Robin Vermeersch (Belgium), Jonas Wijtenburg (the Netherlands)

We_are_vessels is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.


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3015 CB Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut
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